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  • Freshness you can hear – Screw the cap on, and when you hear the “CLICK”, you can be confident that your POP-VAC is contained in the perfect, vacuumed-sealed state to make it last.
  • Secure twist cap – Unscrew the cap counter-clockwise and hear the “POP” indicating the vacuum seal has been released.
  • Airtight – the vacuum seal preserves your terps and locks in flavor. The vacuum disk is visible through the cap, for additional confirmation that the vacuum state is achieved or released.
  • Intelligently engineered – POP-VAC patent pending jar is designed with herb concentrates and floral extracts in mind to prevent packaging from leaking, product migration issues, and drying out due to air exposure.
  • High quality – child-resistant press and twist cap, stainless steel vacuum disk, airtight food grade proprietary gasket, durable food grade glass plug.


If needing stickers/labels feel free to contact us! We can direct you to our contact who does quaility work.

We will soon be printing and designing our own stickers for Pop Vac and Miron jars.
Price breaks starting at counts of 50 and 504.

Pop Vac Jar 4ML

PriceFrom $1.70
  • Black 4ML Pop Vac jars

  • All Sales final.

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